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Gun Trust USA™ is not a law firm, but we have arranged a special discount with independent attorneys to provide legal advice to Gun Trust USA™ customers. For a flat prepaid fee of $59 subject to our Terms and Conditions and the below Policies, you will be contacted by an attorney to discuss the following topics in federal law:

  • The National Firearms Act
  • Buying, Making, and Handling NFA Firearms
  • Using your trust for NFA firearms
  • Compliance with BATFE regulations

State law questions will be referred to an appropriate lawyer or law firm.

$59 Flat Fee Session

pre-paid discounted legal consultation

Here’s How It Works

  • Choose your state.
  • Pay the discounted flat fee of $59.
  • A lawyer will call you for a 15-minute advice session.
  • Subject to below policies and our Terms and Conditions.

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Policies for Pre-Paid Legal Advice

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee – We promise a full refund if you do not receive the service as promised.
  • Additional Time – Advice sessions exceeding 15 minutes will be billed at a rate of $236/hour in 1/10 hour increments and charged directly by the attorney.
  • Additional Legal Services – Any Legal Services requested beyond the purchased package of legal will be arranged directly between you and the attorney.
  • Confidentiality – From the moment your pre-paid phone call with an attorney begins, everything you discuss is confidential and protected by attorney-client privilege; this relationship between you and the attorney does not exist until your call begins.
  • Relationship – The attorney-client relationship may not be formed if the attorney is unable to help you. For example, if the lawyer determines he or she is not qualified to answer your questions or if an ethical concern exists.
  • Engagement Agreement – In some cases, particularly those outside the scope of the topics in the prepaid package, the attorney could require that you sign an Engagement Agreement before proceeding with the service. An Engagement Agreement would confirm the scope and terms of the relationship.
  • Disclaimer – The Gun Trust USA™ ‘Ask a Lawyer Pre-Paid Legal Advice’ program is a marketing service enabling customers to obtain a discounted consultation with an appropriately licensed independent attorney subject to the Gun Trust USA™ Terms and Conditions.
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