The Single Shot Trust Turnkey Package

The Single Shot Trust, exclusive to Silencer Shop, is designed for each of your NFA items (silencer, SBR, SBS, AOW, etc.) to be assigned its own unique trust. This Single Shot Trust combines the flexibility of a Traditional NFA Gun Trust with the simplicity of registering as an Individual. Once the ATF has approved your tax stamp, you can use Silencer Shop’s provided amendment to effortlessly add responsible parties and trustees to your trust.

As the most simple, flexible, and affordable Gun Trust available, the Single Shot Trust can be purchased individually, or as a Single Shot Trust Unlimited. The unlimited version is a one-time payment lifetime subscription for those looking to purchase five or more NFA items during their lifetime.

  • Each NFA item has its own unique gun trust
  • Digitally sign and certify your trusts on your time
  • No notary required
  • Legal in all NFA-friendly states, excluding Iowa and Vermont
  • The simplest, most affordable trust is only $24.95

400 x 400 Single Shot Trust Image



Thanks to Gun Trust USA™, my kids will inherit my revolver collection without ATF or the court knowing a thing about it.

Ed L., Bisbee, AZ

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