Turnkey Package Upgrade

For $79 plus $9.95 shipping & handling we can prepare a Turnkey Package for existing Gun Trust USA™ customers using a scanned copy of your executed Gun Trust USA™ documents. It’s simple. Just complete the form below.


Turnkey Package Upgrade
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 What We Do For Your Package

  • We will organize your documents into our custom 3-ring binder.
  • We will include labeled tabs to separate and identify the various Gun Trust USA™ documents, and additional tabs will be included to organize other important documents related to your life as a gun owner, including NFA tax stamps, property records, concealed carry permit records, training certifications, hunting licenses, warranties, sales receipts and more.
  • We will flag all the blank lines, which will need to signed and dated by you, your witnesses, and a notary public.
  • We will print your documents on durable, heavy-duty, acid free, 32 lb. archival paper.
  • We will also include military grade document bags to protect the photocopies you must keep with your NFA firearms at all times.
  • We will set send your Turnkey Package via Priority US Mail.

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Family Security

If anything happens to me, my family will know what to do thanks to Gun Trust USA™.

Jay R., Eagle, ID

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