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Why Is Gun Trust USA™ Better?

Our Unique Services

  • Gun Trust USA™ offers the most up-to-date design to handle current and future laws, including 41F.
  • You can prepare your own documents in minutes.
  • We can deliver your documents in a Turnkey Package organized and ready for immediate use.

Our Team

The Gun Trust USA™ team has decades of experience in NFA Firearms, BATFE regulations, Law and Information Security.

  • We’ve helped thousands of people safely acquire NFA firearms.
  • We’re recommended by the American Suppressor Association.
  • We’re proud members of the NRA Business Alliance.

See what we offer and compare for yourself.

Gun Trust USA™

  • As trustee, you will not share power with others.
  • Your trust will be ready immediately.
  • We offer a Turnkey Package to organize all important gun-related documents.

The Competition

  • Co- or Joint-Trustees have power equal to you.
  • Delayed delivery.
  • You must print and organize your own documents.
  • Our competitors provide you no access to discounted legal help if you need it.


Thanks to Gun Trust USA™, my kids will inherit my revolver collection without ATF or the court knowing a thing about it.

Ed L., Bisbee, AZ

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