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LA Times Features Editorial Praising Gun Silencers

The Los Angeles Times recently featured a guest column by Bob Owens of Bearing Arms in which he praised silencers for hearing safety benefits, among other benefits.  Owens also expressed support for the Hearing Safety Act, which calls for the removal of silencers from regulation under the National Firearms...

Do you already have an NFA gun trust?

Do you already have a trust you use for guns or NFA firearms? Have you ever wondered if your trust is okay? Does it need updating for changing gun laws, such as 41F? Has your address changed? Do you want to add or remove people? Does your gun trust...

Engraving Short Barrel Rifles and other NFA Firearms

Recently there has been confusion about requirements for engraving firearms regulated by the National Firearms Act (NFA).  A person, including a trust, may submit ATF Form 5320.1 to register an NFA firearm to be built by the applicant.  Typically these so-called Form 1’s are submitted to make a short...

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