Gun Trust USA: NFA Approvals for Silencers Speeding Up

We continue to see better and better news about the registration of firearms regulated by BATFE under the National Firearms Act (NFA), including silencers/suppressors, short barrel rifles, short barrel shotguns, full auto/machine guns, etc. When transferring those firearms, the process often begins with a transfer from the manufacturer or a dealer to the dealer who will ultimately sell the firearm to the customer. Manufacturers and gun dealers are federal firearms licensees (FFLs). These transfers between FFLs are completed by completing paperwork known as Form 3’s.

Faster Form 1’s, 3’s, and 4’s

Here’s the good news. In the last year, Form 3s were often approved by ATF after at least a month wait and sometimes after several months. Now, in numerous confirmed cases, ATF have been approving Form 3’s within 24 hours!

Gun Trust USA believe this improvement signals the approach of speedier approvals of the Form 1’s  and Form 4’s which our GTUSA customers complete to register NFA firearms for their trusts. The news gets even better.

The last of the Obama era gun control regulations and the election of President Trump were shocks to the market for firearms, and, combined with the previously slow ATF approvals of NFA transfers, the firearms industry have responded with the most extremely attractive promotions and discounts we’ve seen.

Soon, the consumer could enjoy some of the best prices for silencers and some of the fastest approvals from ATF.

These conditions will not last forever, so it’s important to prepare your Gun Trust USA documents and file your Form 1’s and Form 4’s now.

Why Choose Gun Trust USA

Remember why Gun Trust USA is different. Our design minimizes the impact of the Obama Administration’s 41F rules, so you could submit an NFA application as the single responsible person of your trust. After you complete your NFA registration, you could then add eligible people to grant them possession of your trust’s NFA firearms–and those other people will not need to provide fingerprints or photographs to ATF as long as they’re not in the trust while an NFA application is in process.

Ultimately, the extremely important benefit of the trust, subject to your state’s law, is the possibility of inheriting the trust and its firearms without the need for fingerprinting, photographs, or new tax stamps.

Our process is incredibly smooth, convenient, and brief. It can be completed entirely online in minutes. If you value organization and convenience, you can request our ‘turnkey package‘, and we’ll ship your printed documents in a binder with the many individual documents separated by tabs to help you organize all your firearms-related documents. We’ll also include our tactical document bags to protect the NFA tax stamps and trust documents you must carry with your NFA firearms.

Gun Trust USA is a leader in the firearms industry and Second Amendment community. We have partnered with the leading organizations and businesses of the NFA industry to serve thousands of customers nationwide. Prepare your Gun Trust USA documents now–it’s never been a better time and way to secure your gun collection.

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