Gun Trust USA™ Wins Praise for its Turnkey Package

Gun Trust USA™ has developed a ‘Turnkey Package’, which has immediately won fans for making NFA documents good to go.

A Gun Trust USA™ spokesman explained the inspiration behind the Turnkey Package. He said “If you’re like us, if you’re human, there’ve been times when you wished paperwork could’ve been easier.” He gave examples of those moments:

  • You received a stack of papers with a note saying, ‘Figure it out!’
  • You ran out of ink or paper for your printer.
  • You forgot to sign a document.
  • You lost an important file.
  • You hoped someone would say, “Sign on the dotted line.”

The Turnkey Package by Gun Trust USA™ addresses these exact needs. It includes the following:

  • Custom 3-ring binder to organize your documents.
  • Your documents printedon durable, heavy-duty, acid free, 32 lb. archival paper.
  • All signature lines flagged for you, your witnesses, and a notary public.
  • Tabs to separate and identify your documents and additional tabs for NFA tax stamps, concealed carry permit, training certifications, hunting licenses, warranties, sales receipts, and other important documents.
  • Three military-grade document bags to protect the photocopies you must keep with your NFA firearms.
  • Delivered by Priority US Mail.

Gun Trust USA™ offers the Turnkey Package to new customers and to existing clients who already received their Gun Trust USA™ documents. “Each member of our team uses Gun Trust USA™ products ourselves, so we know how to help our customers get their ducks in a row,” the spokesman said.

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