The Importance of a Gun Trust for Inheriting NFA and Non-NFA Firearms

A gun owner typically creates an NFA gun trust for short term goals, such as transferring or making NFA firearms, including silencers/suppressors, short barrel rifles (SBRs), short barrel shotguns, AOWs, or machine guns.

A good medium term goal for creating an NFA gun trust is often the desire to provide legal access or possession of NFA firearms to eligible and authorized people.

Increasingly gun owners are concerned with the long term goal of estate planning. Some people prioritize estate planning because they’re aware of how disputes over inheritance can tear apart families and friendships. Many gun owners have become concerned about estate planning for their gun collections because they observe the increasing amount of gun control regulations. More gun laws bring more possibilities to violate a gun law. Also, a trust would allow your beneficiaries to inherit your gun collection without going through the probate court system, and therefore avoid the bureaucracy, lawyer’s fee, and a public record.  Without a trust, will your successors understand these concerns?

A quality NFA gun trust, like the Gun Trust USA™ design, provides your successors and beneficiaries important guidance and protections to help them stay safe and legal. For example, the Gun Trust USA™ design allows you to create a trust that can continue for as long as your state’s law will allow. Many states allow trusts to continue for centuries or in perpetuity. Recently ATF confirmed that a trust that continues to exist beyond the life of its creator may continue to keep its tax stamps for NFA firearms registered to that trust. Consequently your successors could avoid the burden of re-registering your NFA firearms and avoid the danger of forgetting to re-register those firearms.

Additionally, the Gun Trust USA™ design includes contingencies to make sure your firearms remain in safe and legal hands. It includes firearms safety requirements, and it provides alternate arrangements in case your firearms are inherited by someone who either lacks the right to possess guns or lives in a location where guns are prohibited.

Most states would allow you to place non-NFA firearms into your gun trust. This way your entire gun collection could be handled according to the safety and legal protections provided by Gun Trust USA™.

You can create your own gun trust using our simple online process, and at any time you can take advantage of our ‘Ask a Lawyer’ program if you have any questions. This extraordinary service enables you to request a discounted telephone consultation with an attorney, who can answer your questions about NFA gun trusts and federal law.

Our Turnkey Package is also very special. By requesting this optional service, we will print your Gun Trust USA™ documents on durable paper. We will flag all the signature lines so signing the documents with your local notary public will be simple and fast. We will assemble your documents in our custom 3-ring binder, which has many tabs to organize all your documents related to your gun collection, including receipts, NFA tax stamps, training certifications, concealed carry permits, hunting licenses, and more. Our binder will keep you organized and help your successors find all the information they will need to inherit and manage your gun collection in the future. Additionally, our Turnkey Package will include tactical document bags to protect the photocopies of the trust documents and NFA tax stamps you must keep with your silencers, short barrel rifles, etc. This truly is a Turnkey Package making your Gun Trust USA™ documents ready to go and always organized.

Want to learn more about Gun Trust USA™ services as well as a variety of NFA gun trust topics, including transferring suppressors, BATFE regulations, making short barrel rifles, estate plans for inheriting firearms, and more? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

Create your NFA gun trust yourself using Gun Trust USA™ now.

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