Iowa Legalizes Silencers

FullSizeRenderOn March 31st Iowa became the 42nd state to legalize possession of silencers and the 39th state to legal silencers for game hunting.

Iowa residents should determine whether their local gun dealer (FFL) will become a Class 3 FFL to sell firearms like silencers that are regulated under the National Firearms Act (NFA).  A dealer must pay a special occupational tax (SOT) to become a Class 3 FFL.

Iowa residents may use Gun Trust USA to create their own trust for transferring silencers.  Our design enables you to appoint people to your trust so they may have legal possession of your NFA firearms.  You will also have the ability to remove people yourself.  Gun Trust USA is particularly unique because the other people in your trust will have less power than you, so you will maintain control of your trust.

Start creating your trust today using our convenient online process.  At any time you may request a discounted consultation with an attorney to discuss any questions you have.

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