White House Announces Executive Action for NFA Rules

On January 5, 2016 President Barack H. Obama announced he would bypass Congress and take executive action to implement new gun control measures. Of particular interest to the NFA community is the rulemaking known as ‘41F’. The Gun Trust USA™ team has followed these matters for over two years. In anticipation of the new rules under 41F to take effect on July 13, 2016, Gun Trust USA™ provides new guidance and features to help simplify compliance with 41F.

“We provide information to help our customers and their successors in the future understand how to stay safe and legal, and we’ve made the Gun Trust USA™ design even more user-friendly so compliance with 41F is simple,” said a spokesman for Gun Trust USA™. He continued, “We believe we’re way ahead of the curve in providing people a safe and convenient solution.”

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